porous carbon nitride nanosheets

carbon nitride porous structures exhibit better photocatalytic performance due to the decrease in electron-hole recombination and higher charge carrier mobilities. besides that, porous structures represent a higher free surface-to-volume ratio and better absorbance. this feature is suitable for better contamination removal from the air and water for decontamination applications.

graphene-like carbon nitride

graphene-like structures based on carbon nitride represent some advantages comparing graphene derived from graphite. they are more biocompatible and show better dispersing ability in aqueous solutions. we have produced special morphologies of graphene-like structures that can act as promising anti microbial agents independent of photocatalytic behavior.

g-C3N4 (graphitic carbon nitride)

Materials Data Sheet Appearance: Light Yellow Powder Cas number: 143334-20-7 Physical State (30 deg. C): solid Purity: min. 96.0 % Length: 1 – 10 μm Band gap: 2.7 eV Synonym: Poly [(8-amino-1,3,4,6,7,9,9b-heptaazaphenalene-2,5-diyl)imino] Molecular Weight: 201.14832 Molecular Formula: C6H3*2N9 Applications Visible-light Photocatalysis Anti-microbial based products Air purification coatings Water purification and disinfectant Drug Delivery Photo-electrochemical water […]