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Anti Microbial Protection

We use state-of-the-art technology to transform normal surfaces into anti-viral and anti-bacterial agents. A graphene shield is a water-based suspension that can be applied on any surface to put an invisible protective layer with Self-cleaning and air purification properties. The shield can capture the microbial agents from the air and inactivate bacteria or viruses effectively due to the unique structure of incorporated particles within the products. The products also use visible light photocatalysis to enhance the total performance and degradation of microbial and organic pollutants. In other words, when the shield is exposed to visible light (like indoor illumination or sunlight), microbial contamination will start to decompose when they collide and capture the surface.

Advantages of using Graphene shield

  • By coating the walls and ceiling of our room with Graphene shield, we can create highly effective surface protection against the deposition of bacteria, fungi, and viruses including COVID-19 coronavirus.
  • The created coating layer (also called Graphene shield technology) thanks to its microstructure effectively captures airborne viruses and bacteria on its surface and effectively inactivates them.
  • The coating also utilizes visible light photocatalysis technology to eliminate microbial pathogens. When exposed to visible light (indoor illumination or sunlight) the coated invisible anti-microbial shield destroys the Bacteria, viruses, and organic pollutants via high energy free radicals produced on the surface. Unlike the conventional photocatalysts, the product performance is not limited to ultraviolet light.
  • Strong preservation of surfaces from Bacteria, viruses, and fungi.
  • Adhesive invisible shield (from an average of 1 week to several months regarding the product grade).
  • Air purification coating/ decreases the load of bacteria and viruses from the air
  • Self-cleaning surface when exposed to visible light.
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly product.


  • Promising disinfecting agent to be used at hospitals to prevent antibiotic-resistant infections from the spread
  • Act against viral diseases such as COVID-19 and influenza in indoor places
  • Decontaminate air from organic pollutants and microbial agents
  • Promising anti-microbial shield to be used at public crowded places like subways, buses, cinemas, etc.
  • Applicable for textiles, tiles, paints, and other media
  • Capable of water decontamination